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Meet a Student Ambassador

Amy EckerlyAmy Eckerley

Year: Senior
Major: Financial Counseling & Planning
Hometown: Granger, IN

What did you learn from your study abroad adventure?

I learned that to truly learn about a culture one has to immerse themselves by interacting with locals and going out of one's comfort box. Take advantage of any opportunities that pop up such as sightseeing, meeting new people, shopping and learning about the culture, as time goes by without you even realizing.



Stacy GudasStacy Gudas

Year: Senior
Major: Retail Management
Hometown: Kewanna, IN

What is your dream job?

I am majoring in Retail Management and Agricultural Communication. My dream jobs would be a buyer for a retail store, an extension educator, or continuing my education and someday being a college professor. Even though I am still unsure and have many interests, I know that whatever I do, I want to have an impact on people's lives in a positive way.



Christy JoehlChristy Joehl

Year: Sophomore
Major: Retail Management
Hometown: Princeton, IL

What is your favorite class?

Though I have enjoyed many of my classes, I feel that I was strongly impacted by Introduction to Consumer Sciences and Retailing. It was unique in that we were assigned a student mentor who shared personal experiences and advice with the class. Listening to students like myself talk about what they have accomplished throughout their college career was inspiring and incredibly helpful.



Sarah MiramontesSarah Miramontes

Year: Sophomore
Major: Retail Management
Hometown: LaPorte, IN

What advice do you have for a first year student?

My advice to first year students is to get to know your professors. They can not only help you with homework, but can offer professional advice and suggest possible career options. They could later be a great reference for jobs or internships.



Sierra PowellSierra Powell

Year: Sophomore
Major: Apparel Design & Technology
Hometown: Hazel Crest, IL

What advice do you have for a first year student?

I would advise a first year student to live on campus. I made the mistake of living off campus my freshman year because I thought it would be a better fit for me, but I ended up being more stressed because it was difficult getting back and forth to campus. I also sacrificed the relationships I could have made while living on campus. If I had the opportunity to redo freshman year, I would give campus living a chance before I decided it wasn't for me.



Sam ShanerSam Shaner

Year: Senior
Major: Selling & Sales Management
Hometown: Munster, IN

Why did you choose to attend Purdue?

Purdue had everything I was looking for in a school. From strong academic foundation to a lively student social life, Purdue was an ideal university for me.