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Who We Are

Apparel Design and Technology Financial Counseling and Planning Retail Management Selling and Sales Management

The Department of Consumer Science at Purdue University is a department dedicated to improving the human condition for consumers in terms of health, wealth, and organizational impact and success. Our department focuses on the betterment of individuals, families, businesses and societies and improving the quality of life for all.

Our undergraduate majors in the department include: Financial Counseling and Planning, Selling and Sales Management, Retail Management and Apparel Design and Technology.

Our graduate program has an applied social science focus with offerings at both the Masters and Doctoral level in: Consumer Behavior and Family and Consumer Economics.

Our faculty research and teaching focuses on the human and social sciences in the areas of natural health, financial health, and organizational health in terms of the individual, families, communities and industries and our impact on one another. Visit our Research page here.