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Consumer Science Graduate Students

CSR Graduate students are located in MTHW 326.

Name Title E-mail Major Advisor
Chandler, Myles MS Student chandl11@purdue.edu Kowal, Chris
Chang Alexander, Kristofer MS Student chang303@purdue.edu Templin, Thomas
Choi, Soo Yeon PhD Student choi268@purdue.edu Feinberg, Richard
Chulis, Kimberly PhD Student Feinberg, Richard
Coker, Schane MS Student scoker@purdue.edu Liu, Sandra
Evans, David
Ha, Yong Soo PhD Student ha20@purdue.edu Feinberg, Richard
Han, Jeongho (Johnny) PhD Student han202@purdue.edu Chang Alexander, Stewart
Harris, Tanisha PhD Student harri490@purdue.edu Liu, Sandra
Hegde, Prasad PhD Student hegde4@purdue.edu Chakravarty, Sugato
Hornback, Gregory MS Student ghornbac@purdue.edu Liu, Sandra
Hsiang, Chien-yi PhD Student chsiang@purdue.edu Liu, Sandra
Hunter, Brian PhD Student bhunter@purdue.edu Bauchet, Jonathan Laschever, Ron
Ingersoll, Lukas MS Student lingerso@purdue.edu Kowal, Chris
Iqbal, S.M. Zahid PhD Student iqbal0@purdue.edu Chakravarty, Sugato
Jin, Lan PhD Student jin124@purdue.edu Acharya, Lala
Kim, Byoung-Min PhD Student kim216@purdue.edu Chakravarty, Sugato
Kwon, Soyeon PhD Student kwon16@purdue.edu Ha, Sejin
Kowal, Chris
Larsen, Vance MS Student vlarsen@purdue.edu Bauchet, Jonathan
Lee, Hyemi PhD Student lee1523@purdue.edu Graziano, William G.
Norris, Meghan
Luan, Chi-Cheng (Roy) PhD Student cluan@purdue.edu Kowal, Chris
Mohan, Soumya PhD Student mohan17@purdue.edu Acharya, Lala
Plouviez, Michael MS Student mplouvie@purdue.edu Evans, David
Russell, Steven MS Student russel53@purdue.edu Kowal, Chris
Youn, Songyi PhD Student youn3@purdue.edu Kowal, Chris
Zhang, Zhenxiang (John) MS Student zhan1622@purdue.edu Liu, Sandra