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Jeongho (Johnny) Han

Johnny's principal research interests lie in the integration of social psychology and consumer behavior. In his research, he focuses on the relationship between attitudes, perceptions and consumption. Through a number of ongoing research projects, he looks at the role of gender difference on consumer decision making, based on the notion of person-thing orientations. Han is also interests in the influence of attitude strengths on consumers' price perceptions. As a paid research assistant in the Norris Attitudes and Behavior Lab under Dr. Meghan Norris' supervision, Han has been involved in a number of research projects that explore consumer attitudes and preferences. From what he has studied, he has run into a big question. It is clear that consumers are not always rational decision-makers, and he is interested in why. Johnny's intention is to become an academic researcher in the field of consumer sciences so he can translate his scholarship into practice through teaching and engagement. Steps he has taken to achieve this career include working as a paid experimental research assistant, collaborating on conference presentations with faculty, presenting research talking in seminars, teaching in various contexts, and attending numerous workshops relevant to his research interests.