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Sejin Ha

Professor Ha's primary research interests lie in psychological aspects of consumer behavior within a variety of retail and service marketing contexts. Her research focuses on how consumer identity, values (goals), attitudes, and judgments come into together in shaping buying decisions and consumer behavior. She has pursued this in three distinct yet related research streams: (1) consumer adoption and use of technology-driven consumption environments (e- and m-commerce) for goods and service shopping as well as healthcare management; (2) customer relationship marketing strategies (e.g., customer loyalty programs); and (3) sustainable consumer behavior with focus on recycling and consumer responses to pro-environmental products. She holds a Ph.D. in consumer sciences from the Ohio State University, and has published her research in marketing journals including Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Journal of Service Management, The Service Industries Journal, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, and International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.