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Myles Chandler

Myles Chandler is a first year Master’s student in the Department of Consumer Science at Purdue University with a focus on consumer behavior. His most recent internship at the Lumina Foundation has inspired him to research how people assess the value of a post-secondary education. At Lumina, Myles created a database of higher education institutions that tracked key indicators of institutional success, such as enrollment data and graduation rates disaggregated by race/ethnicity. He has received a B.S. in Psychology from Marian University in Indianapolis where he had the opportunity to research how long it takes for first-time full-time students to attain a degree.

When Myles is not running or cycling, he can be found working on the development of preventive health interventions with Drs. Stewart Chang Alexander and Lala Achayra and PhD students; Tanisha Harris and Johnny Han. Their first project is a series of studies focusing on HPV vaccination rates in college-aged men. Specifically, their aims are to better understand the barriers/motivators for college men regarding HPV vaccine and designing interventions to remove those barriers.