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HHS Career Development

Where can an HHS Major take you?

Explore your options during HHS Career Week October 22-30, 2015.

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Explore limitless possibilities for HHS majors with HHS Career Development resources designed specifically for you.

Major + Experience = Career Success

  • Start by choosing your major
  • Add experiences such as:
    • Hands-on experience in your academic area (Think: Internship/Co-op, Research, Teaching, Clinical Experience)
    • Research experience or semester-long projects
    • Part-time jobs or volunteering in your career field
  • Use your insight to decide your career path after graduation
    • Graduate school
    • Employment
    • Professional programs
    • Clinical experience
    • Military service
    • Community service programs

The College of Health and Human Sciences understands the importance of career development and career preparedness of our students to meet future career goals and ambitions. As such, the Career Development Specialist focuses on providing resources and career events to guide students to explore career paths, learn key internship and job search skills, and plan for graduate/professional school.  

Boiler Up,
Stephanie Farlow, M.S. Ed.
HHS Career Development Specialist