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  • Assess your skills & competencies
  • Identify career opportunities
  • Identify skills competencies employers need


  • Job Description Activity
  • List of Career Opportunities
  • Career Impact Statement
  • Professional Identity

Step 2: Execute your Plan

  • Evaluate your skills & competencies with the skills & competencies needed by employers
  • Identify skills you need to build with targeted impact
  • Create a plan for development


  • Individual Development Plan
  • Metrics of Success (Evidence of Success)

Step 3: Build your Skills

  • Acquire or enhance your skills, competencies, and experiences
  • Document your experience demonstrating your impact


  • Impact Statement (CARS)
  • Research Agenda

Step 4: Develop your Message

  • Communicate your experiences skills in your portfolio showing your IMPACT
  • Customize portfolio based on employer needs
  • Align your skills based on employer needs


  • CV
  • Résumé
  • Cover Letter
  • Teaching Philosophy

Step 5: Tell your Story

  • Communicate your impact with others
  • Let others know you do good work


  • LinkedIn Strategy
  • Networking Agenda
  • Marketing Plan