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Templates & Guidance

  • Our Microsoft Word templates are designed to be used with Word 2010.

  • We are unable to support the use of these templates with older versions of Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, or LibreOffice.

  • If you are using these templates on a Mac, you will need to use MS Word. You may still be unable to use the drop down boxes. Please delete the box and type in your information. You may find it easiest to use a program like TeamViewer to remotely access a PC with Windows.

Questions? Email gradhelp@purdue.edu with WORD TEMPLATE in the subject line


Template Guide

Please use the Template Guide as you work.


Templates with Guide Boxes


Templates without Guide Boxes


 Sample Thesis Pages

Please refer to sample thesis pages as you format your document.


Formatting Checklist

Please review your document using the formatting checklist before you submit.