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Summer Research Programs

As a college student, you often hear that the future is full of exciting opportunities. Here at Purdue University, we wonder: Why should you wait until then?

Become part of a world-class laboratory group conducting exciting research this summer! You can begin using cutting-edge technology and some of the most advanced laboratory equipment in the country. You can be part of the team that pushes the outer limits of knowledge in your field. After all, that’s what we do every day. Come join us!

Why should I participate in an Undergraduate Summer Research Program?

If you’re considering graduate study, participating in an undergraduate summer research program gives you the added edge needed to successfully apply to and complete graduate school. Purdue University offers a wide variety of summer research programs to match your abilities and interests. Many of these programs offer the opportunity to:

  • conduct your own research in a modern laboratory
  • learn from a faculty mentor
  • network with graduate students and scientists in your field
  • improve your research skills
  • determine if graduate school is right for you
  • enhance your writing and presentation skills
  • attend scientific conferences or meetings
  • attend graduate school seminars, training sessions, and GRE prep classes
  • participate in social activities with other students and your lab group

In addition, many programs provide a stipend (i.e., pay) and/or undergraduate credit, PLUS housing, travel, and food allowances. Details vary by program; be sure to visit the program’s Web site or contact the program coordinator for more information.

Application deadlines and eligibility also vary by program, so be sure to review the program’s Web site or contact its coordinator for more information.

Please note that while opportunities are listed by major subject, some programs do not require participants to be majoring in that field. Refer to the individual programs for details.

Review the Programs: