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AGEP Recruitment Committee Members

AGEP recruitment committee members serve as a liaison to the STEM colleges. This internal advisory committee helps make key decisions relating to the enhancement of the Purdue AGEP program. These members serve in various capacities within the university, varying from administrators to deans.


Gary Bertoline, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studiens, Distinguished Professor, Computer Graphics Technology, bertoline@purdue.edu

Antonia Munguia, Director, Diversity Programs, College of Technology, amunguia@purdue.edu

Science and Mathematics

Zenephia Evans, Associate Director of Diversity, Director of Multicultural Science Programs, College of Science, zevans@purdue.edu

Harshvardhan, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and International Programs, harshvar@purdue.edu


Audeen Fentiman, Associate Dean of Engineering for Graduate Education and Interdisciplinary Programs, Professor of Nuclear Engineering, fentiman@purdue.edu

Susan K. Fisher, Graduate Programs Director, College of Engineering, fishersk@purdue.edu


Pamala Morris, Assistant Dean of Purdue Agriculture, Director of Diversity Programs, pmorris@purdue.edu

Liberal Arts

Lupita Acosta-Roberts, Director of Diversity Initiatives, College of Liberal Arts, acostang@purdue.edu

Native American Educational and Cultural Center

Felica Ahasteen-Bryant, Director, Native American Educational and Cultural Center, fahastee@purdue.edu

The Graduate School

Janet Beagle, Interim Director, Graduate Student Recruitment Services, The Graduate School, jbeagle@purdue.edu

Dwight E. Lewis, Director, Minority Programing, The Graduate School, delewis@purdue.edu

Vice Provost for Diversity

G. Christine Taylor, Vice Provost for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer, taylorgc@purdue.edu

AGEP Facutly and Staff

M.J.T. Smith, Dean, The Graduate School and PI, Midwest Crossroads AGEP, Purdue University, gradinfo@purdue.edu

Kathy G. Dixon, Program Director, Purdue AGEP, kgdixon@purdue.edu, 765-496-1123

AGEP Secretary, agep@purdue.edu, 765-494-7899