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Origami folds of insect wing can help improve machine functions

The way that an earwig insect folds its wings could be applied to how engineers preprogram technology to perform certain tasks, according to research published on March 23 in the journal Science.

Drew Feustel Suits Up for Third Space Mission

From studying car design in community college and racing in the Purdue Grand Prix to exploring for oil to servicing the Hubble telescope, Dr. Andrew “Drew” Feustel (BS ‘89, MS ’91, EAPS) has had anything but a typical career trajectory.

Mutating Ebola’s key protein may stop replication

Researchers may be able to stop the replication of Ebola virus by mutating its most important protein, according to a paper published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Attacks on 4G LTE networks could send fake emergency alerts

Researchers have identified several new vulnerabilities in 4G LTE networks, potentially allowing hackers to forge the location of a mobile device and fabricate messages.

Wasting food may be safe, reasonable decision for some, study says

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About 21 percent of the American food supply is wasted by consumers at home and in restaurants, but little is known about why.

Purdue business competition awards $115,000 to 12 winning student startups

The Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition awarded 12 student startups funding totaling $115,000. Purdue University’s Center for Entrepreneurship hosted the final presentations in late February.

Studies show urbanization impacts storms, rainfall despite surroundings

Two Purdue University studies show that urbanization changes storm patterns and rainfall amounts, highlighting the need for urban planning and infrastructure design that considers how the landscape will affect the weather.

Overheated pigs may get the cooldown they need with Purdue technology

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Modern sows are having more piglets than ever, and feeding those larger litters results in higher body temperatures.

3-D-written model to provide better understanding of cancer spread

Purdue researcher Luis Solorio has helped create a lifelike cancer environment out of polymer to better predict how drugs might stop its course.

Greenhouse 'conveyer belt' could advance food production, address looming global food crisis

Purdue University researchers have created a greenhouse on campus featuring a new automated conveyor system that keeps plants moving constantly, a change they hope will provide answers about ways to avoid a looming food crisis with the global population expected to grow to more than 9 billion by 2050.

NEW LIMITS center to enhance computer chip parts for upcoming advancements

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Purdue University is leading a new center to overcome the challenges of critical parts needed for low-power, high-performance computer chips in consumer electronics, vehicles and national security.

Purdue researchers show concrete infused with wood nanocrystals is stronger, plan to use it in California bridge

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Purdue University researchers studying whether concrete is made stronger by infusing it with microscopic-sized nanocrystals from wood are moving from the laboratory to the real world with a bridge that will be built in California this spring.

Research Highlights

Ongoing research at Purdue University.

Purdue targeted drug combination could expedite bone fracture healing, be used as injection

Purdue researchers are developing and commercializing a targeted drug combination that once injected into a patient could speed up and improve bone fracture healing, and significantly cut recovery costs.

Death by termite: Purdue entomologist uses natural cravings to control invasive ants

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Poisonous baits are designed to smell and taste like foods that pest insects might want to consume, with varying degrees of success in controlling the pests.

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