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Information for Award Recipients

If you have been awarded a travel scholarship, please review the following information carefully. Please note that the maximum reimbursement you can receive is $500.

All travel scholarships are awarded on a reimbursement basis. Once you have made your travel arrangements, please complete the following:

1. Bring to the Grad School Expo all available original, itemized receipts for eligible expenses totaling up to the amount of the scholarship. All receipts must show the payment amount and the method/type of payment (i.e. cash/credit card xxx1234). An airline confirmation or itinerary is not a receipt. Please note that you will not be reimbursed for ineligible expenses or expenses, other than mileage for personal vehicle, without a receipt. You will not be reimbursed for expenses beyond $500. Eligible expenses include:

  • Coach class airfare or other transportation to Purdue University. To be reimbursed for driving a personal vehicle, please provide the number of roundtrip miles and the city or address of departure and return.
  • Gasoline or standard mileage rate of .575 per mile (but not both)
  • Airport transfers
  • Standard hotel accommodations for Saturday, Sunday or Monday night (The hotel receipt must be the original, itemized receipt from the hotel showing a zero balance.)

Purdue will provide dinner on Sunday evening, as well as breakfast and lunch during the Grad Expo on Monday. 

NOTE: We encourage you to carpool and share hotel expenses. However, the reimbursement will be in the name of the person whose name is on the receipt. You will be responsible for dividing the costs.

2. Submit all available receipts and a completed Payee Certification (PC) Form to Ms. Whitney Freeland when you check in at the student registration/check-in table, or by mail after the Grad Expo. If Ms. Freeland is not available, advise the person assisting you that you need to leave receipts for her. If you need to mail receipts, please notify the person assisting you and you will be provided with a self-addressed envelope. It is preferred that you submit the PC Form and all receipts at once. Mail to: Ms. Whitney Freeland, Conference Division, 128 Memorial Mall, Stewart Center Room 116, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2034.

3. Instructions for completing the required Payee Certification (PC) form: Please be sure to type or write legibly. Complete Section A with address, email, etc., and check all necessary boxes. Your signature is required in Section C. Please note the address provided is where your check will be mailed.

4. IMPORTANT!!: If you are a non-US citizen, you will be asked to turn in, mail or email Ms. Freeland () a copy of your passport and visa with your receipts, as well as a copy of the I-20 and I-94, if you are on an F-1 visa. To expedite your reimbursement, checks are no longer sent outside the U.S. You will be required to complete a Form 52A for a Wire Transfer with the necessary bank information. This form will be available at the Travel Scholarship table during registration.

5. All necessary documentation must be received by Friday, October 30, 2015. Requests for reimbursements made after this date will not be accepted. Once all necessary forms and documentation are received from you, your reimbursement request will be processed. You may expect to receive your reimbursement from Purdue University in approximately four weeks after we received your completed paperwork, original receipts, and Grad School Expo evaluation form.