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Faculty Mentoring Workshops Registration Form

Your Full Name:
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Which workshop do you plan to attend?
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What is your home department?(Please dont use abbreviations)

In addition to attending this workshop, faculty members who wish to hold a position as a regular member of the Graduate Faculty must also be nominated by their unit and be a tenure-track or voting status faculty member. Appointment to the Graduate Faculty permits a faculty member to teach graduate-level courses, to serve on graduate student advisory committees, and to chair or co-chair master's and Ph. D. committees.

It is very important that participants arrive on time. If you arrive after the workshop begins, or leave before it concludes, your attendance will not count toward fulfilling the requirement needed to advise students or become a regular faculty member.

Please check this box in acknowledgement that you have read and understand the above statement.

After attending the workshop, you will need to have your department graduate office submit an electronic Graduate Faculty Request (IUPUI departments will need to submit the paper Form 24.) in order to receive your Graduate Faculty ID Number.Once the electronic request has been submitted, this will generate an automatic e-mail to your head and dean for signatures.  It will also generate an e-mail notification to the Graduate School for final approval.  Senior Associate Dean Phil Pope reviews each request and will follow up with your department if additional information is needed.  Once approved, you will receive a Graduate Faculty ID number. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Carolyn Watson in the Graduate School at crwatson@purdue.edu or 765-496-7360.