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Energy Specialist, Lafayette School Corporation


Lafayette School Corporation recently authorized the hiring of a full time, year round, position of Energy Specialist to lead the new energy conservation program. Lafayette School Corporation is seeking a person with high-level people skills who has exhibited ability in planning, organizing and coordinating activities of others in a pleasant and efficient manner. Preferred candidates should have three or more years of experience in the organization.


Lafayette School Corporation has employed the firm of Cenergistic to completely train and assist the Energy Specialist in the implementation of the firm’s program that has achieved significant success in many schools, universities, colleges and churches across the country. The Energy Specialist works closely with Cenergistic. The majority of the training will be one-on-one and will be conducted in our organization’s facilities.

For more information about Cenergistic, visit their website at www.cenergistic.com.         


This year-round position includes a compensation level adjusted to reflect the responsibilities and time commitment of the position and will be $64,000.


June 30, 2013

Interested individuals should apply in writing to:

John Layton, Assistant Superintendent, Hiatt Administration Center                      

John Layton, Ph.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Lafayette School Corporation
(765) 771-6000


Equal Opportunity Employer


Energy Specialist Position Description

General Summary

The Energy Specialist works to establish accountability for energy consumption at every level in the organization. This person is responsible for developing and monitoring the organization's energy management program under board-approved Policy & Guidelines, for the purpose of reducing utility consumption.

Basic areas of responsibility include: administration and record keeping, accountability, reporting, program implementation, promoting Organization employee involvement, and validating energy management system compliance to the Organization’s energy policy and guidelines.

The candidate must have an independent work ethic, good judgment capabilities, have the ability to maintain positive public relations, and must be persuasive. The candidate must be computer literate, be able to interpret technical data, and demonstrate an ability to communicate with technical and non-technical individuals.

The candidate shall sign a confidentiality and non-compete agreement with Cenergistic. The candidate shall agree to a description of duties that specifies requirements for the position and aspects of the implementation plan.

A Valuable Career Opportunity

The role of the Energy Specialist is instrumental in the success of the energy conservation program and helping retain funds where they are most important – in the classroom.  It is also a leadership role that can be a springboard to continued career success within an organization.  Numerous Energy Specialists have advanced in their careers to such executive and administrative roles as district Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Transportation Director, Director of Facility and Maintenance, Operations Director and many other key positions. 

Essential Elements of the Position:

The position includes but is not limited to the following list of representative duties:

Publicity and Organization involvement:

  • With the assistance of Cenergistic, establish a program to promote energy conservation through positive feedback to all levels of the Organization and involve all personnel in taking ownership for success of program.
  • Coordinate with internal and external PR support to utilize all media opportunities to promote successes of the Organization’s energy management program.

Administration and Record Keeping:

  • Serve as Organization representative at management‑level meetings, seminars and conferences relating to energy use and conservation.
  • Advise, assist and make recommendations to the Chief Administrator on alternate energy sources, consumption and general energy conservation measures.
  • Develop and maintain contact with federal and state agencies and monitor state and national energy policy trends.
  • Provide input on contractual support activities (capital projects) related to energy management and the purchase of any products that affect energy consumption.
  • Prepare energy requirement estimates and budget allotments for all Organization facilities and develop procedures for efficient utilization of energy sources.
  • Maintain all energy and water consumption records and data. Maintain records of federal energy conservation grants received by the Organization.

Accountability and Reporting:

  • Report directly to a superior at least monthly as to status of the Organization’s energy consumption.
  • Report quarterly to the Board on status and success of the energy program.
  • Provide regular communication with leadership and custodial staffs as to status of their buildings’ energy consumption.
  • Report to the director of buildings and grounds any safety hazards observed.

Implementation and Compliance:

  • Conduct regular “walk‑through” audits of all the Organization’s facilities to insure operating efficiency, optimum educational environment, and compliance with Organization’s energy policy.
  • Coordinate usage of facilities and insure proper space utilization consistent with energy conservation.
  • Take responsibility for the implementation of weekday, weekend, holiday, and summer shutdown checklists for every building in the Organization.
  • Insure building principal or custodian reads all meters on same days as utility companies.
  • Implement night setback program for every building on weeknights, weekends, holidays and summer recess.
  • Insure that the Organization is on proper utility rate schedule and is receiving correct billing.
  • Insure Organization participation in any rebate program offered.

Energy Management Systems:

  • Coordinate with the maintenance director the installation and/or repairs of energy management systems. Maintain wiring and installation diagrams of the systems.
  • Assist with the design and maintenance of the programming for computerized energy management system to insure operating efficiency. Update programs as necessary.
  • Work with building and maintenance personnel on proper operation of the systems and equipment. Attend all scheduled in-services on the energy management system.
  • Perform other duties as assigned as related to energy management.



  1. 1.    Combination of education and/or experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree
  2. 2.    Experience facilitating/coaching/training activities for diverse groups toward goal accomplishment.

Status: Exempt

Supervisor: Reporting Senior


  • Preferred candidates will have 3 or more years of classroom, administrative, or other professional experience in the Organization.

Knowledge of:

  • Administration and record keeping
  • Accountability, reporting, program implementation
  • Promoting  employee involvement and engagement.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Word processing, spreadsheets and report writing.

Ability to:

  • Commit to irregular hours (night, early mornings, weekend, holiday and summer audits)
  • Work independently
  • Exercise of good judgment in implementation of policy
  • Maintain favorable public relations
  • Analyze and interpret technical data and communicate it to non‑technical individuals
  • Effectively learn and effectively use computer systems and programs related to job duties.
  • Leverage communication skills to encourage change
  • Communicate in a positive and encouraging manner
  • Use a large measure of diplomacy
  • Use good judgment capabilities
  • Interpret technical data and be computer literate
  • Organize multiple tasks in an efficient manner and prioritize duties
  • Communicate effectively in public speaking engagements as required
  • Provide supervision (as staff assigns)


Working Conditions & Environment/Physical Requirements

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an Energy Specialist to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

  • Work is generally performed in an office (20%) and in the field (80%)
  • Must be able to climb, bend, stoop, squat, twist, kneel, turn and reach overhead
  • Must be able to walk and stand for long periods
  • Working in confined spaces is sometimes required
  • Must be able to push, pull or lift at least 25 pounds
  • Must be able to read various forms of written materials and must be able to recognize different signs and symbols
  • Hearing sufficient to communicate in person and hold telephone conversations in normal range.
  • Must have mental acuity to collect and interpret data, evaluate, reason, define problems, establish facts, draw valid conclusions, make valid judgments and decisions.
  • Must have physical tolerance if exposed to dust, pollen, specific agents/chemicals, cleaners and foul smells.
  • Exposure to hot, cold, wet, humid, or windy conditions caused by weather may also occasionally be experienced.
  • Must have manual dexterity sufficient to write, use the telephone, operate computer, copy machine and other equipment with dexterity and in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Must use speaking ability in an understandable voice with sufficient volume to be heard in normal conversational distances on the telephone and addressing groups.
  • This position will require extensive in-district travel.