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ESE Profiles

Student Profiles 

Heather Cann

 Heather W. Cann

ESE Student, Heather Cann, is interested most broadly in environmental policy, community-building and sustainability, and the cultural politics of environmental issues.   More...  

Katherine Touzinsky

 Katherine Touzinsky

ESE Student, Katherine Touzinsky, specific research area is Understanding Asian Carp Success in Novel Ecosystems: A Comparison of Silver  Carp Plasticity in Two River Systems  More...  


Oluwatoba Omotilewa

ESE Student, Oluwatoba Omotilewa, was part of the International Students and Scholars who won the One Brick Higher Award from President Cordova at Purdue Univeristy in 2012. More...  

Raymond Redcorn

Raymond RedCorn

ESE Student, Raymond Redcorn's research is centered around improving the current understanding of, and ability to model carbon dynamics of the terrestrial ecosystem and climate-carbon feedbacks. More...

Lindsey Payne

Yujie He

ESE Student, Yujie He, is working to improve the current understanding of, and ability to model carbon dynamics of the terrestrial ecosystem and climate-carbon feedbacks. More...

Caitlin Grady

Christy Gibson

Gibson's research interests include the application of stable isotopes as a tool to answer lingering questions about plant-microbial interactions in the rhizosphere, to track organic compounds and pollutants in soil and sediment and potential application of geochemistry techniques in astrobiology research.More...

Caitlin Grady

Natalie Chin

Natalie Chin's research interests’ center around understanding the impacts of climate change at the local scale and producing information about any potential risks that can help communities prepare for the future.More...

Caitlin Grady

Caitlin Grady

ESE Student, Caitlin Grady, was awarded the Most Outstanding Interdisciplinary Project Award (MOIPA) at the OIGP Spring Reception 2013.  Caitlin's current work focuses on post implementation research on non-profit water treatment and watershed management interventions on developing countries. More...


Michael Schuster

Michael's research primarily focuses on how detrimental 'invasive' plant species interact with their environment and how this relationship might be altered by a changing climate.  More...


Dan Newkirk

ESE Student, Dan Newkirk, is working on biofiltration in an Energy Efficient, Residential, HVAC System through the use of a Biowall. More...


Fushcia-Ann Hoover

As part of a continuation of her master’s research, ESE PhD student Fuschia-Ann Hoover is investigating the limits of detectable change in discharge for an urban watershed in Lafayette, IN. More...

Ashley Kissick

Ashley Kissick

ESE Student, Ashley Kissick, spent the summer in Costa Rica working as a course assistant for EARTH University establishing and running small-scale sustainable agricultural systems. More...