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Yujie He

HOME DEPARTMENT:                                                 Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

MENTOR/ADVISOR:                                               Dr. Qianlai Zhuang

SPECIFIC RESEARCH AREA/PROJECT:               Ecosystem modeling  

UNDERGRADUATE/M.S. INSTITUTION:                    Fudan University in China




"My research in centered around improving the current understanding of, and ability to model carbon dynamics of the terrestrial ecosystem and climate-carbon feedbacks. I am broadly interested in developing hypotheses regarding the importance of different processes and the underlying mechanisms in both short and long term biosphere-atmosphere interactions. Particularly, I focus on the boreal ecosystems and the soil systems and use computer models in combination with a variety of data sources (eddy-covariance towers, remote-sensing data and field measurements) to explore the fundamental drivers and mechanisms of biogeochemical processes."


"Born and raised in a remote inland city in China, I drafted my young career to be a get rich quick scheme. During my trip to Europe in my undergrad I realized that good pay was not worth it and there are much more out there to experience and to enrich one’s spirit. The constant curiosity about the world drove me to study environmental sciences. Here at Purdue and in the ESE program, I find promising opportunities to bridge what I have learned and the change I want to see in reality. The interactions with ESEers who share common interests with me and the diversity of perspectives generated by the unique interdisciplinary platform all making my PhD study a rewarding period."


He, Y., Q. Zhuang, J.W. Harden, A.D. McGuire, Z. Fan, Y. Liu, and K.P. Wickland. 2014. The implication of microbial and substrate limitation for the fates of carbon in different organic soil horizon types: a mechanistically based model analysis, Biogeosciences Discussions, In press.

He, Y., M. Jones, Q. Zhuang, C. Bochicchio, B. S. Felzer, E. Mason, Z. Yu .2014. Evaluating CO2 and CH4 dynamics of Alaskan ecosystems during the Holocene Thermal Maximum. Quaternary Science Reviews, 86, 63-77

He, Y., Q. Zhuang, A. D. McGuire, Y. Liu, and M. Chen. 2013. Alternative ways of using field-based estimates to calibrate ecosystem models and their implications for carbon cycle studies, JGR: Biogeosciences 118, 1-11, doi:10.1002/jgrg.20080.

Liu, Y., Q. Zhuang, M. Chen, Z. Pan, N. Tchebakova, A. Sokolov, D. Kicklighter, J. Melillo, A. Sirin, G. Zhou, Y. He, J. Chen, L. Bowling, D. Miralles, E. Parfenova. 2013. Response of evapotranspiration and water availability to changing climate and land cover on the Mongolian Plateau during the 21st century, Global and Planetary Change, 108,85-99, ISSN 0921-8181


He, Y., Q. Zhuang, M. Jones, Z. Yu, B. S. Felzer, E. Mason and C. Bochicchio. Evaluating the effects of climate seasonality on CO2 and CH4 cycling of Alaskan Ecosystems during the Holocene Thermal Maximum. 2012 ESA Annual Meeting. Portland, U.S. Aug 5-10, 2012.

He, Y., Q. Zhuang, J.W. Harden, A. D. McGuire, Z. Fan, Y. Liu. The implications of microbial and substrate limitation for the fates of carbon in different organic soil horizon types: a mechanistically based model analysis, AGU Annual Conference, December 9-13, 2013, San Francisco, CA.


Andrews Environmental Travel Grant to AGU, Purdue University, 2013 Spring.
Teaching Honor Roll, Purdue University, 2012 Fall.
INTERFACE Student Collaborative Grant, exchange student at University of Alaska Fairbanks. Jun 15-29, 2012
WISP Travel Grant to ESA (Ecological Society of America) Annual Meeting, Portland, 2012, Purdue University
Lynn Fellowship, Purdue University, 2010-2011
People Scholarship of Excellence, Fudan University, 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009


International Liaison of EAPS, 2012 Fall.
Fund raising committee, ESE symposium, 2011 Fall
Poster session Judge, ESE symposium, 2010 Fall