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The first component is a visit by the administrators from the HBI schools to meet our faculty and engage in informal discussions. These meetings provide an opportunity for the administrators to see that Purdue can provide their students with a climate conducive to effective learning, and with nationally recognized academic programs.

The second component is a visit by those honor students selected by their university to participate in the program. During the three-day visit, the students meet with faculty, administrators and graduate students, tour the campus, visit laboratories, libraries and classrooms, and get information about the various kinds of financial support that would be available through fellowships, assistantships, and counselorships. They are also made aware of the many career options available to them upon completion of their graduate programs.

The third component is regular visits to the 11 colleges and universities with which Purdue has formal connections, plus visits to other HBCUs.

The fourth component of the program involves retention efforts. New students are offered many opportunities through an orientation program that highlights programs and faculty, as well as strategies for surviving graduate study. Other activities during the year such as a welcoming dinner, seminars, mentoring programs and meetings provide networking opportunities for new and continuing students.