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Admitted Student Checklist

Please use this checklist as a resource to help you prepare for your entrance to the Purdue University Graduate School.

This is not an exhaustive checklist, but rather is a starting point of tasks you will need to complete before or shortly after classes begin. The information provided throughout this Admitted Student Web site should help you with the tasks below. Additional information is also available in the New Graduate Student Welcome Packet (PDF). If you have questions, please contact the specific Purdue University office referenced below or the contact for your graduate program.

1. Accept Offer of Admission. Even if you have notified your program whether or not you will be coming to Purdue, please follow these directions to complete the Graduate School's online enrollment form.
2. Research funding, including financial aid, fellowships, or scholarships, if necessary. Visit the Graduate School's Funding Web site for more information, and be sure to check out the Graduate School's Funding Database.
3. Make sure you fulfill the State of Indiana's immunization requirements. You will need to submit official documentation of your immunizations and may need to get the required vaccinations before arriving.
4. Ask your program for the date you are expected to arrive and determine how you will arrive to the West Lafayette area. Visit the relocation and housing Web page for directions and transportation options. 
5. Find Housing. Make sure your utilities will be turned on before you move in. A list of some utility companies in the area are available in the Welcome Packet.
6. Activate your Purdue career account and set up your Purdue email account. More information about how to do this is available in the Welcome Packet.
7. Get a student identification (ID) card at the Card Services Office.
8. Update your contact information upon moving. Visit myPurdue (mypurdue.purdue.edu) and go to "Personal Information" under "Quick Links" on the left side of the screen. More information about myPurdue is available in the Welcome Packet.
9. Complete a Medical History Form
10. Sign up for health insurance. University regulations state that International Students and Graduate Staff students with benefit eligible assistantships must have health insurance. Benefit eligible Graduate Staff students have the opportunity to sign up for health insurance in the first few weeks after arrival on campus. International students must purchase the University sponsored plan unless you qualify for a limited waiver. See Health Insurance Waiver form for International Students. See the Grad Student Insurance Web page for more complete information. Domestic students who opt out of the Graduate Staff University plan may be asked to provide Staff Benefits with information on the alternative health insurance plan. Domestic students not on an assistantship or eligible for benefits are encouraged, but not required to have health insurance.
11. The Student Health Center requests that you carry your insurance card at all times and present it to any health care facility you may visit, including PUSH (Purdue University Student Health Center).
12. Register for classes. Each program handles this differently, but some general registration information is available on the Academic Resources Web page. Contact your program for more information. A list of available courses is available online.
13. Get a parking permit, if needed. You need to register for classes before you can get a parking pass. Note: you also must live a certain distance from campus to be eligible for a parking permit.
14. Pay your fees, if any, by the due date on the bill e-mailed to you. If fees are not paid by the due date, you may incur late fees and your registration may be cancelled. Only electronic bills are sent. You will have to print your invoice from myPurdue if you choose not to pay online. To pay online or to print your invoice, go to myPurdue and click on the "Financial" tab and then the "Manage my Account" tab.  
15. Confirm your registration. Paying your fees automatically confirms your registration. If you do not owe anything in fees, you must log on to myPurdue and confirm your registration when your account statement arrives by electronic mail. All invoicing is done electronically through myPurdue's eBilling feature.  
16. Attend the New Graduate Student Convocation. Each spring and fall semester on the Friday before classes begin, the Graduate School hosts a convocation to welcome new graduate students to Purdue. Be sure to watch your email for more details.
   17. Visit the Graduate School's LinkedIn Group for Admitted Students. The LinkedIn Group was created to offer students an easy way to network with incoming students. You can also electronically "meet" other students from your program prior to arriving on campus. Additionally the group is a great ongoing resource for campus news, housing information and general advice. An invitation into the group will automatically be sent once you have been accepted to Purdue. If no invitation was received, please request access to the group through the LinkedIn Group page.