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University Partnerships

A primary focus of the LATeRAL program involves graduate studies coupled with strong professional development activities. Partner institutions may sponsor the PhD programs of junior faculty (instructors) or top recent graduates, with the intent of the students returning to more senior faculty positions at the institution. In addition, institutions may partner with Purdue for the development of students supported by outside agencies, including national science agencies, foundations or companies.

If your institution chooses to be a strategic partner in this program with Purdue University, you can expect both well-trained future leaders and a long-term connection to Purdue that builds on our mutual success. These benefits are made possible by several aspects of the program to which Purdue is committed:

  • Understanding your institution’s needs and goals, and those of the students
  • Matching students with strong faculty advisors at Purdue, and involving faculty mentors from your institution
  • Involving students in interdisciplinary research that prepares them for team approaches to address complex research problems as future faculty
  • Providing special training to students in entrepreneurship
  • Exposing students to innovations in teaching for success as future faculty members
  • Providing students exposure to translating research into commercialization
  • Providing personalized logistical support to the students prior to and during their time at Purdue, and to institutions sponsoring the student

In collaboration with the home institution, the LATeRAL program also provides components intended to provide a “landing pad” for success of the returning faculty member.  These include: 

  • Identifying resources that help ensure success as new faculty members
  • Maintaining long-term connections to Purdue, including research collaborations and state-of-the-art educational materials

In addition to core activities within LATeRAL, there are also opportunities for:

  • Collaborations in research and education with home institution
  • Joint proposals for external funding
  • Student/faculty mobility, including sabbaticals and internships