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Scholar to Help Homeland

Mercy Ngunjiri

If asked to describe visiting International Scholar, Mercy Ngunjiri, in one word, it might be “enthusiasm”.  From Kenya, Mercy is at Purdue studying the soils of her native country to create a digital soil climate map for agricultural purposes.  Mercy says that while there are good educational opportunities in Kenya, she came to Purdue for her research because of the many research electronic tools available here to assist her.

Of her stay at Purdue, Mercy only has good things to say about how faculty and staff have been friendly and helpful. She says, “My professor, Dr. Phillip Owens, is one of a kind. He and other Purdue faculty came on a research mission to Kenya in summer 2012 and that’s when I met him. I live with his encouragement that ‘No one was born with knowledge, we are all learning everyday.’ Purdue is a home and knowledge pillar for me.” The exception to her enthusiasm would be in the area of weather, as the severe winter here has been a challenge.

Mercy will return to Kenya at the completion of her research project in June.  However, she has chosen to pursue a PhD at Purdue, and so will return in August for fall semester.  We are pleased that Mercy will bring her winning personality, intelligence, curiosity, and warmth back to Purdue for additional advanced studies.