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Tanzania study abroad picture
Photo: Elementary Education major Caroline Haywood, Maymester 2011 in Tanzania.

Study Abroad Programs Bring Rich Experiences to Purdue Students

Purdue's study abroad opportunities range in duration from a week to an entire year to better fit into student's schedules. Purdue University is stepping up its efforts to encourage more students to study abroad, especially through programs of a semester in length. Through studying in another country, students develop maturity and independence; expand their knowledge of the world; and increase their sensitivity to other cultures.

With more than 350 programs in dozens of countries, Purdue offers something for almost every student. The Office of Study Abroad within Purdue's Office of Global Affairs, helps students plan their international experience to include classes and/or internships that will earn credits towards their Purdue degree. This means that students who study abroad can graduate on time. It means that Purdue graduates have enhanced opportunities through an education which, both abroad and on-campus, includes a global perspective.

Study Abroad Testimonies

Emily Daley - Japan

Emily Daley - JapanPurdue Creative Writing major, Emily Daley, thoroughly enjoyed her Study Abroad experience in Japan at the Yotsuya Campus of Sophia University in Tokyo. Hailing from Hainsville, Illinois, Emily was always interested in the Japanese culture. As the time grew closer to living in Japan, she reports, "I was nervous, but not really scared". Her effort paid off in a wonderful experience. In three words, Emily describes Japan as being, "Incredible, Traditional, and Delicious!" She adds, "There is an obvious distinction between the new and the old in relation to customs and dress, but it all works together harmoniously."

Study Abroad provided more than an interesting experience for Emily. She says that it improved her language skills; made her more patient and understanding; and the experience helped develop a sense of introspection. She feels that it will help with her writing by having a better understanding of different types of people.

Matthew O'Bannon - United Kingdom

Matthew O'Bannon"Fantastic, Informative, Eye-Opening," are the three words Matthew O'Bannon uses to describe his Study Abroad experience. From Brownsburg, Indiana to the United Kingdom by way of Purdue University, this senior Bio Chemistry major exudes enthusiasm about Purdue's Study Abroad opportunities. He says that the biggest difference he experienced while taking four courses at the University of Bath was the teaching style. Matthew says that "There is one final exam at the end of each course, and your grade is wholly dependent upon how you do on that exam. That is stressful!"

When asked how he benefited from the experience, Matthew could have gone on and on. He said that this will set him apart as he pursues a future career. It brought a totally new experience with skills that will transfer to his future career, including the ability to meet a challenge; learning how to adapt; and learning to relax and go with the flow."

Valerie Quinn - Germany

Valerie Quinn"Beautiful...Challenging…Abundant Green Space" are the words selected by Purdue student Valerie Quinn to describe her Study Abroad experience in Germany. Living there from March through July, Valerie studied at the University of Stuttgart, taking liberal arts classes. Since she is a math major, she said that it was challenging to go into a new area of study. However, the fact that she took seven years of German during her school years in Lafayette allowed her to communicate easily.

When asked what she liked best about her experience, Valerie reported enthusiastically that it was all great, all rewarding. Her self-confidence has elevated and she has a better perspective on global issues. She very much enjoyed meeting people from all over the world.