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Corporate and Global Partnerships


Spring Seminar in Global Policy Issues

GPRISince its inception, the Global Policy Research Institute (GPRI) has maintained its emphasis on educating Purdue students, offering creative ways for them to become familiar with the elements and processes of policy development. Policies of global scale are generally highly complex, disruptive, and interconnected. Responses to such problems as climate change, energy sustainability, invasive species, pandemics, food security and terrorism require international cooperation and diplomacy in policy development. Developing such policies relies on new knowledge and scientifically informed policy options.

Realizing the importance of passing critical information on to the next generation, GPRI sponsors and supports a university credit course each spring to inform students about the importance of policy research and how to foresee the implications of major policy decisions. Led by Dr. Dennis Depew and Dr. Suresh Garimella, the Global Policy Issues Seminar Course provides valuable background from a variety of scholarly experts. The knowledge gained is particularly important for students seeking career leadership opportunities in academic, corporate, NGOs or governmental institutions. Through it, they gain a better understanding of the scope of contemporary global issues, public policy developments, the role of science in providing policy options, and the contributions of Purdue University researchers and research findings in informing and advancing policy developments. Information will be comprehended through examples of interconnections among global, national, state, and local responses to global challenges.

This course employs significant student classroom participation and team-building. After an initial set of lectures on policymaking and the role of economics, human factors, and technology in the policy development process, invited faculty leaders will conduct seminar sessions. Interactive classroom team discussions and research will illuminate global grand challenges in the course theme areas, alternate policy options and the consequences of these options.