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Policy Scholar Intern Opportunities Expanding

Purdue students are curious, smart, and driven. They want to make a difference in the world. An effective way to bring about positive world change is through providing students with experiential learning opportunities as an extension of the classroom. Becoming a Global Policy Research Institute Policy Scholar intern provides students with experiential learning opportunities that will enhance their resumes and careers while preparing them to be globally aware, policy-savvy, 21st century leaders.

Purdue is a vast laboratory for discovery and ingenuity. Our students have the opportunity to enhance the visibility and impact of Purdue’s strengths as they learn about public and corporate policy development. There are places open within government, organizations and corporations where Purdue students can serve while gaining transformative experiences as Policy Scholar interns. They will spend the summer or a semester in Indianapolis, Washington DC, or beyond the nations’ borders expanding their horizons and opening doors to their futures. For information, contact Tia Tracy at 765-496-1621 or tttracy@purdue.edu.

Bobby Egan

Bobby EganBobby Egan thoroughly enjoyed his experiences as a Policy Scholar in Washington DC this summer in the office of Congressman, Rep. Marlin Stutzman (IN–3).

Bobby says, "While most of my daily work included clerical duties.., some of my long-term projects were much more in depth. I attended several extensive policy briefings detailing Medicaid and Medicare reform, as well as the upcoming trade negotiations. I was also tasked with following the Farm Bill progress very closely due to my Congressman's unique perspective as a fourth generation farmer." He added, "My internship required delicate attention to detail and allowed me to further my professional and strategic communication skills." Through constituent correspondence and attending various briefings, Bobby was able to absorb extensive knowledge about policies that affect the American public every day. He concludes, "My experience on Capitol Hill was extremely inspiring. The political complexities and happenings that I followed on a regular basis just for fun before my internship merged with my daily work in the office. I consider my internship instrumental in greatly furthering my passion for public policy."

Nick King

Nick King GPRI InternNick King participated in the Global Policy Research Institute's Policy Scholar Intern program this summer. Nick says, "GPRI offers students the opportunity to explore something they are extremely passionate about through real life experiences, the ability to reach outside the classroom walls and get a foot in the right direction for a career after college. I believe this opportunity will benefit me for years to come." He adds, "It was an amazing experience working for the Challenger Center in Washington D.C. It was a great assignment that helped me better understand the value of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). It provided a new outlook for my educational journey. Everyday was an interesting experience...because of the different tasks that presented themselves throughout the internship. Every project that I worked on was essential for the team to move forward. The biggest thing that I learned from this internship experience was the ‘power of passion.' The tireless passion of the Challenger staff showed me that when you have a great team together, nothing can stand in your way."

Allison Turner

Allison Turner GPRI InternAllison Turner says of her Policy Scholar Internship, "This summer, I had the privilege of working with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, with the Energy Supply and Industry Branch of the Climate Protection Partnerships Division. The Climate Protection Partnerships Division works with several outside entities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change."

Her internship included conducting research and developing fact sheets, Web content and other materials. She says, "This required a great amount of writing, and I was able to improve my technical writing skills and learn how to write for a government and for a business audience."

Allison has returned with an increased passion for climate change and environmental issues, public policy, and government partnership programs. She is thankful for the experience that she had in Washington DC and recommends it to students who want to learn more about public policy.