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Joyce Beery Miles (Consumer and Family Sciences '65)

“The Women of Purdue activities have continued to reinforce our original decision.”

Gift: Revocable Living Trust, Center for Families

Joyce Berry Miles and her husband Bob believe in the mission of Purdue and the Center for Families in particular. They like the direction the University is moving and the feedback they get about campus activities. “Purdue is still ‘home’ after 40 years,” Joyce said. 

Joyce and Bob were both beneficiaries of Purdue educations and wanted to leave assets to Purdue to further work after they are gone. They both felt that a revocable living trust seemed like the best idea. They continuously re-evaluate their gift — both the vehicle as well as the amount — to ensure it still meets their needs.

With their gift, Joyce and Bob hope to Illustrate how important they think an education is and encourage others to give generously. They know their gift WILL make a difference, and they hope it will make it easier to recruit other donors. As Joyce put it, “Purdue ‘gets it’ when it comes to donor-centered fundraising.”

When asked what inspired her to make this gift, Joyce answered, “After a brief encounter with cancer, I realized how important it was to get financial affairs in order. What a sense of accomplishment we have felt after major decisions were done.”