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Jane Shade Link (Consumer and Family Science '67)

“The gift options available at Purdue made the decision to give an easy one.”

Gift: Pooled Income Fund, Scholarships and Endowments, College of Consumer and Family Sciences

Growing up, Jane Shade Link remembers her father encouraging her to get as much education as she could. His own education had been interrupted by World War II, and he never finished his degree. Jane also was taught to give back to the community. Her father probably never guessed to what extent his daughter would take his advice.

Jane was director of academic advising and recruiting for the Center for Adult and Part-time Students at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, before retiring in 2007. The center serves the nontraditional student population at the university — those who are 22 years and older. According to Jane, scholarship funding is almost nonexistent for these older students. “The students I saw, many of them had families and they never had the opportunity to get a degree.” 

As a way to follow through on her life’s lessons, Jane and her husband, Jim, gave a pooled income fund for scholarships in the College of Consumer and Family Sciences (CFS). Jane stated that, "the gift options available at Purdue made the decision to give an easy one. The way in which we made our gifts has allowed us to receive quarterly dividends that will supplement our retirement income.” 

“There is a warm place in my heart for Purdue,” said Jane. “My time there was magical. I was very involved in CFS, and we all knew each other. It was a close-knit feeling even though it was at big place.”