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Pam Faerber (Liberal Arts '71)

"A great university provides a rich culture for a community. Purdue does an excellent job of reaching beyond the Lafayette community. The values taught there affect the world."

Gift: Cash and Securities to the Center for Cancer Research

Being a survivor of ovarian cancer, Pam chose to give generously to the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research. “The research being done at Purdue through the cancer center is state of the art,” she says, and is impressed by the sharing between departments of what happens within the center. 

She believes every family in America has been or will be affected by cancer, and is committed to helping fund research that will lead to early detection and cures for cancer. “What a great thing — I can give to cancer research and give to Purdue all at one time!”

When asked about what impact she hopes her gift will have, Pam said, “We all want to see real strides in finding cancer in early stages and methods to cure it. In addition to results, I hope others give because they see a ground swell of support from Purdue alumni and fans.”