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Women for Purdue | Save The Date |  June 5-6, 2014


Moves 1: The Purdue Polytechnic Institute: Rethinking Higher Education

Fatma Mili, Professor, Department Head, Computer Information

The Purdue Polytechnic Institute is created to serve as a disruptive transformation of Higher Education for the College of Technology and its strategic partners. It is motivated by the widening gulf between the excitement and passion in millennial students who are adventurous, curious, and public-spirited, and an archaic model of education that was designed to serve a different era with a different economy a different culture, and a different value-system.

Moves 2: Changing the Way Learning Occurs

Ellen Gundlach, Continuing Lecturer in Statistics, Faculty Fellow in the IMPACT Program at Purdue University

Beth McNeil, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor of Library Science

Come join us and learn how Purdue is applying research findings to undergraduate education in order to teach classes in ways that align with how students best learn. This session will focus on this new pedagogy and the IMPACT (Instruction Matters: Academic Course Transformation) program at Purdue and share how traditional lectures are being transformed into "active learning" courses with a focus on more group projects and optimizing faculty-student interaction by incorporating online and in-class components.

Learn too how Purdue University Libraries is playing a leading role in providing their expertise to: 1) redesigning traditional courses into active learning courses and, 2) redesign learning and studying spaces to accommodate this academic course transformation and our student's need for 24/7 learning/study spaces. among the first to hear how we are preparing for and the location of the University's number one capital project: The Active Learning Center (ALC).

Moves 3: Plant Sciences Research and Education Pipeline: Innovation to feed the world

Karen Plaut, Senior Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Affairs

Dramatic advances in plant based agriculture will be absolutely necessary if the world is to feed the 9 billion people projected to inhabit the world by 2050. Come learn how the Plant Sciences Initiative is equipping Purdue Agriculture to pursue plants that deliver higher yield, are more nutritious, use water and nutrients more efficiently, and can tolerate more variation in the environment.

Moves 4: International Experiences: Student Panel

Suresh Garimella, Chief Global Affairs Officer, Goodson Distinguished Professor

Behold the World! Purdue’s Global Affairs Officer, Suresh Garimella will moderate a student/alumni panel who have experienced opportunities around the globe through the Study Abroad program. Given the cultural, professional and academic gains our students realize when they broaden their worldview with study abroad, Purdue will dramatically increase the number of students engaging in an international study experience during their Purdue careers. We believe that it is only through immersive study abroad experiences that our students can fully understand issues from a world perspective, master a foreign language, and define their place in the international community.

Moves 5: Breakthroughs in Improving Healthcare

Marietta Harrison, Associate Vice-President for Research; Director, Oncological Sciences Center; Associate Director, Purdue University Center for Cancer Research Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology

Purdue is making great, major scientific breakthroughs in drug discovery and identifying the most efficient way to bring those breakthroughs to the clinic, to the hospitals where those breakthroughs are needed.Learn how the university is a major player in translating basic research into medication and treatments to improve healthcare.

Moves 6: Strengthening Computer Science

Sunil Prabhakar, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Professor

Jennifer Neville, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Statistics

STEM leadership is one of the top “Purdue Moves,” and powering up Computer Science is a top priority. Get with the program and find out what lies ahead for strengthening the nation's first and oldest computer science program. As we enter the age of “Big Data,” discover how Purdue will educate more students to develop and build technology that will turn data into power to address growing local, national and global needs.

Moves 7: Residential Learning and Leadership:  Fostering Generations of Successful Women at Purdue University

Beth McCuskey, Associate Vice-President for Housing & Food Services

Barb Frazee, Executive Director for Housing & Food Services

Emily Allen, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Honors College

In conjunction with the Purdue Moves initiative, University Residences plans to add 3,000 beds in the coming years because of the proven link between living on campus and student success. The expansion includes a groundbreaking partnership with Purdue's new Honors College:  the university's first residential college. This session will discuss the many ways University Residences and its academic partners contribute to student success and leadership development at Purdue with a special emphasis on our wonderful women undergraduates.

Moves 8: Students First: Affordability at Purdue

Pushing to the forefront of education expense reform. Purdue has taken innovative steps to curtain student tuition costs. In this informative and interactive session, you will hear remarks from student scholarship recipients, and gain insight into University scholarships and the changing cost platform.