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Women for Purdue | Save The Date |  June 5-6, 2014

About Women for Purdue

Women for Purdue helps advance the spirit of giving through a weekend of engaging, learning and exploring at Purdue. We continue to build the Women for Purdue program that was established in 2003 to encourage women to reach their philanthropic potential through gifts to Purdue.

During this weekend, we provide the women who attend an opportunity to cultivate relationships as well as promote new initiatives throughout Purdue. Several of these initiatives are the ten Purdue Moves that will move Purdue forward. We are focusing this year’s Women for Purdue on four themes:

  • STEM Leadership (Expanding Engineering, Technology and Computer Science)
  • World Changing Research (Drug Discovery, Plant Sciences to stem world hunger and safety)
  • Transformative Education (impact classrooms, study abroad, living on campus and year-round university)
  • Student Affordability and Accessibility (scholarships)