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Griffin Society

Loyal annual donors provide the kind of philanthropy that enables Purdue to reach its goals and strive for even greater achievements. Griffin Society members give their support to the University year after year because they understand that tuition and state funding cover only a fraction of Purdue's expenses.

Who earns distinguished membership in the Griffin Society?

Only alumni and friends who have made annual gifts to Purdue for at least the last three years or recent graduates who have given each year since graduation. More than 20,000 Purdue alumni and friends across the country and around the world claim Griffin Society status.

How do I maintain my membership?

To remain a member, your annual gift must be received within the calendar year. You may support any University program in any amount. It's important not to let a year pass by, because once membership lapses it takes three years of giving to regain membership in the Griffin Society.

Will I receive any reminders to be sure I don’t miss a year?

If you have not made a gift to Purdue during the calendar year, the year-end mailing will contain a reminder.

Does my gift have to go to a specific area?

You can direct your gift to Purdue in any way that is meaningful to you. It might be a particular college or school, a department, research, scholarships—anything!

Do I have to give at a certain level?

Any gift is greatly appreciated. What's important is that Griffin Society members continue to give every year.