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Rush BartlettRush Bartlett

My name is Rush Bartlett. I am working on finishing my Ph.D. in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering.

I am living my dream as a student entrepreneur at Purdue.

I did my undergraduate work at the University of Texas in Chemical Engineering. At Texas I was an officer in the Long Horn Marching Band.

This means I have studied at two universities in the country each of whom claim to have the World’s Largest Drum . . .

You know what they say about discussing religion, politics and world’s largest drums . . . But if you want to know the answer to that question you’ll have to come find me later.

What really drew me to Purdue was an internship at General Electric in Evansville where I met a lot of Purdue engineers. I loved them so I figured why not go here for graduate school? 

I arrived at Purdue in 2008. Over the last three years I completed nearly all my work towards my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, an MBA on the side, and then somehow also got talked into co-founding a business. So it’s amazing that I still managed to find just enough free time to get married to the girl I met four years ago during my internship at General Electric.

The business I co-founded is the real reason I was given the honor of speaking tonight. It all started when I met two friends, Peter Greco and Arthur Chlebowski in the Purdue Biomedship entrepreneurship class. We just had one simple but profound idea; it should be easy to give somebody an injection without needing to refrigerate the medicine.

And now 2 years later we have a company that is entirely run and founded by students, that has funded itself by winning over $150,000 in competition awards, and was recognized in Fortune Magazine as being one of the top three student companies globally in 2010. 

We are in talks with strategic partners and are on track to ensure we are good stewards of the Purdue legacy that you in this room have also pioneered throughout your careers. But we need help to get these innovations to the front lines of global health. So if you’re interested we would love to talk to you. 

My name is Rush Bartlett. And thanks to your support for graduate students and programs, we can live our dreams at Purdue.