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Michael StreicherMichael Streicher

The scholarships that Purdue has provided have been very beneficial and made my college experience much more affordable. I have received the Trustees Scholarship for the past four years which has contributed $10,000 per year toward my education. Additionally, Purdue provided $2,500 my first year from the Valedictorian Scholarship. 

My college decision was a difficult one for me. I knew that I wanted to get a top notch education, and I knew I wanted to study engineering. Those were the most important criteria when making my college decision and I searched all around the nation for an institution fulfilling those attributes. Purdue definitely fits the bill as it provides a great education and has a tremendous engineering program.

Furthermore, when I visited Purdue, I really felt like I belonged. I felt welcomed into the community and could see myself attending this university. Purdue really has become my home and I have met many amazing people from faculty to students to staff throughout my three years at Purdue. Also, I really enjoyed the First-Year Engineering curriculum.

The scholarships that I was offered made this top-flight education affordable. Of the top engineering schools I looked at, Purdue was by far the most affordable for an out of state student and the $42,500 of scholarship offered by the university made my education even more inexpensive.

A degree from Purdue means a lot in industry. I have learned this simply fact from speaking to a number of employers and noting how many companies are willing to attend our career fairs. Companies understand that a Purdue education prepares students to be the best in their field. Even more than that however, Purdue prepares students to be leaders in industry through innovative projects in the classroom and collaborations with other students and faculty through student organizations and student projects. My studies at Purdue have prepared me to be very competitive in the real world when I leave the university.

In case you haven't gathered it so far, I cannot be happier with my decision to come to Purdue. I have grown as a student, a leader, and most importantly a person through the experiences I have had here. These experiences have happened in the classroom with world-class faculty who put students first and outside with all of the great Student Life Programs offered by Purdue. Administration at Purdue have great vision for continuously improving this institution so that it can continue to produce great alumni who are leaders in their fields.

My future plans are uncertain at this point. At some point, I will pursue higher degrees, but I am not sure whether I will enroll in graduate school right away or spend time in industry before going back for a technical degree or MBA. I am studying Nuclear Engineering and am most interested in working in the national laboratory system.

To the donors who provide this support, I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks for your contributions. Through their generosity, they provide an avenue for students to obtain a world-class education for a fraction of the cost. The students they support will impact the world and make it a better place for posterity. The donors' support of the future and their pay-it-forward mentality is appreciated by many students at Purdue.