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Courtney Sickman

I received the Purdue University Presidential scholarship totaling $20,000 over five years. I will be a senior in the fall of 2011 and I'm from Evansville, Indiana. I would not have had the financial means to attend Purdue without the scholarship I was offered. My attendance at Purdue was possible because of the scholarship and I would not be a student there had it not been offered to me.

My decision to come to Purdue was based on several aspects. Aside from the fact that my older sibling was attending Purdue, I knew that Purdue was a notable university and would open up many doors for my college career as well as my future. Once visiting Purdue in both a formal and informal manner, I knew that this was the place I'd call home for the next four years. My acceptance into the school of nursing as a freshman was an added bonus. The opportunity to study at Purdue and learn from my elder professors as well as peers has laid a foundation for success.

When traveling back to my hometown, Purdue and the education I am receiving are highly acclaimed. Experiencing life at Purdue, in every sense, has been the best decision for me. Upon graduation, my plans are to work as a registered nurse in Indiana for two years and later enter graduate school in a later decided nursing specialty.

To donors providing me support: I cannot thank you enough. I may have never had the opportunity to attend, experience, and receive my education from such an outstanding university.