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Charles Peak

Charles Peak

Both my parents went to Purdue. Because of this, for as long as I can remember there has always been a Purdue banner in my bedroom at home. During 4th grade my family went down to a football game and that's when I really knew I wanted to go to Purdue and by the time I was in 6th grade I knew I wanted to be an engineer. 

In 7th grade I participated in the Project Now/Project Future hosted by the College of Agriculture, partaking in some biology and computer classes. That was the same weekend as SpringFest and I loved it. However, it wasn't until I took anatomy in high school that I really started to explore what type of engineering.

I was exploring Purdue's website and found this little known type of engineering called Biomedical Engineering and I felt it combined just the right mix of engineering and medical topics to fit me exactly. A long story short, being born and raised a Boilermaker and then the unique fit of Biomedical Engineering made me decide to come to Purdue.

The opportunity to study here at Purdue has been phenomenal. I always hate when people say, "Don't go to big schools. You'll just become a number." I have never once felt like a number at Purdue. Purdue has presented me with opportunities to make it as small as I want, whether it is being involved in Purdue Student Government, BGR, on a Hall Staff (RA at Owen Hall (2010-2011)), or a study abroad (National University Ireland at Galway, Fall 2011). Even though Purdue is in Indiana and I've always lived in Indiana, it really brings the world here. The opportunity to study at Purdue has expanded my horizons extremely. I now have friends from many corners of the globe that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. 

Purdue does a really good job with presenting students with opportunities. Most students then take advantage of the opportunities presented: achieving beyond the typical college experience. Boilermakers know and appreciate the unique skills that each major brings and that by working together we can get far. I know that my Purdue degree will get me far in life.

My future plans are graduate school in Biomedical Engineering, specifically biomolecular engineering. 

To the donors: first and foremost thank you! Through your support you've eased the financial burden for students like me. I am financing my entire Purdue education. You have made it possible for me. I appreciate that you are generous enough to think of me and my generation and realize that we've worked hard, continue to work hard, and will be forever grateful to you. Though your support we can make an impact on the state, country and world!