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Brianna Castle

Brianna Castle

My name is Brianna Castle. And I am living my dreams at Purdue.

Last January I boarded my first international flight bound for Sevilla, Spain and the most incredible learning experience of my life. I improved my Spanish language skills immensely. 
I learned about another culture, another way of life. I learned about people who are very different from me, yet also very much the same. I learned how to adapt to situations I had never faced before.
More than anything, I learned about myself and what I am capable of doing.
My semester abroad was spent studying at the Universidad de Sevilla, where classes are held in a huge 18th century building that tradition says inspired the opera Carmen. From day one, my classes were entirely in Spanish. 
I quickly built a close relationship with my host family. I was less quick adjusting to new eating and sleeping schedules. And I was disappointed to learn that most people in Spain don’t actually sleep during siesta.  
While in the 2,000 year old city, I had the opportunity to actually become a member of the community. I became friends with the owner of the local pastelería and chatted daily with neighbors in the courtyard outside my family’s apartment. I had time to study the art and architecture of a 15th century cathedral and to marvel at the Alcazar dating to 1181, making history come alive before my eyes and giving me a better understanding of the world we live in today. I visited other countries.
And I believe I helped the people I met learn more about the country I love above all else – the United States.
I developed incredible friendships with people across the world and we will forever share the bond of living and growing together in Spain. It is an experience that has helped shape me as a person and is driving me towards my future. I will never forget what I learned from this student experience at Purdue.
My name is Brianna Castle. My studies at this University are made possible by a Trustees Scholarship.
I am living my dreams at Purdue -- thanks to donor support.