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Planning Your Endowment Gift

Planning an endowment gift can be a creative, challenging, and rewarding process. Our development professionals can help you choose the most beneficial gift asset and the best method for transferring it to the University in order to achieve your giving objectives.

A minimum of $25,000 will establish an endowment at Purdue through any outright giving method using cash, securities, or personal and real property. Other minimums may apply, depending on the project.

A minimum of $50,000 is required to establish a charitable remainder trust. Gifts of a life estate or life insurance are additional possibilities.

Endowment agreements, signed by the donor and Purdue, delegate to the University the responsibility of administering the funds according to the donor’s wishes in perpetuity.

Tax Benefits

Specific tax and financial benefits from your gift depend on what type of asset you give and how you transfer it to the University.

You may be able to receive federal and state income tax benefits, avoid or reduce capital gains tax liability, and qualify for estate or gift tax deductions. Several types of gifts can provide tax benefits while offering a lifetime income to you and your heirs.

We recommend you consult with your attorney or accountant for advice on the legal and tax implications of any gift you might make.

Designating Your Gift

President’s Fund

This is your most versatile option because the president directs this money to the areas of greatest need. This fund has provided scholarships and student services; supported building projects, laboratory renovations, and innovative new programs; and matched major grants.

Particular Area of Interest

You can also have a meaningful impact on programs throughout the University by tailoring your gifts to a particular area of interest, such as a college or school, academic unit, campus organization, or project.

Named Endowment

Named professorships, fellowships, and scholarships are a few of the opportunities that Purdue provides for donors to associate their name or someone else’s with Purdue. Many of the named opportunities have minimum permanent or annual funding requirements to ensure that income will be adequate to achieve the donor’s intent, both now and in the future.