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For Purdue Faculty and Staff: FAQs on the University Development Office Transition to the Purdue Research Foundation

Effective Jan. 1, the University Development Office (UDO) will become part of the Purdue Research Foundation (PRF). See the FAQs below for key information as we make the transition:

What will UDO be called under PRF?

The Purdue Research Foundation University Development Office.

Where will UDO offices be?

No employees will be physically moving as a part of this transition, so all employees will remain in their present location.

What happens to UDO employees’ phone numbers?

Phone numbers will remain the same.

What happens to UDO employees’ e-mail addresses?

UDO employees will receive new e-mail addresses that follow the pattern <first initial><middle initial><last name>@prf.org. Employees’ preexisting Purdue e-mail addresses will redirect messages to the new PRF email account. Any replies sent by UDO employees will reflect the new e-mail address.

What happens to UDO employees’ Purdue career accounts?

UDO employees’ Purdue career accounts are maintained as they currently exist, and UDO employees will still be listed in the Purdue directory.

Will UDO’s web address change?

Yes, the URL for UDO will change from www.purdue.edu/giving to givingtopurdue.prf.org. The new web address will redirect to the current one. 

Will the process of invoicing to UDO accounts change?

Yes. UDO accounts will transfer into PRF’s system and receive new account numbers, so UDO employees will need to supply updated account numbers for any expenses incurred.


For more information, contact Greg Kapp, Assistant Vice President for Development Operations, at kapp@purdue.edu.

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