Purdue University

Giving to Purdue

University Development Office

Benefits of PFSB Membership

Interaction with Alumni

Experience amazing networking opportunities with Purdue alumni, distinguished faculty, and gracious donors before football games and at President’s Council events. Eat delicious food, enjoy a performance by a variety of Purdue organizations, and hear stories from alumni and donors about Purdue's impact on them.

Philanthropy and Service Opportunities

Opportunities abound for philanthropy on the Purdue campus and in communities throughout the state. Visit the Events and Philanthropy page to see what we do.

Etiquette Training

All new PFSB members attend an etiquette party. This unique and fun learning experience gives you a chance to understand what is socially acceptable when interacting with people in various situations.

Travel Across Indiana and Beyond

Speak to alumni and donors about Purdue and its impact on you at events across the state and country. When you travel with the University Development Office, you have the opportunity to tie together traditions held dear by alumni and students alike and boast about all the new and exciting improvements going on at Purdue now.