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John and Cheryl Coffin

CoffinWe think it’s important that students have the ability to go to school, and with finances the way they are now, it’s very difficult. Our goal is to help students go to Purdue who otherwise might not be able to. They’re the ones who will be taking care of us one of these days.

We also think it’s very important to recruit the high caliber students who will go out and do some important things in the world. It’s nice to be part of that.

We recently received a thank you card from a Purdue student who received scholarship support. That felt really good. We want to help these students who need it, and we’re happy that we’re able to do that.


John “Jack” and Cheryl Coffin support the Access and Success scholarships. Jack graduated from Purdue in 1959 with a degree in industrial economics.

Make A Gift Now

In 2009 the Center for Families began to reach out to a new class of Advocates. Betty Krejci tells the story of why she chose to give a gift to the Center for Families for its 15th Anniversary.

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