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Katie Behr, PharmD '07


Katie donated $1,000 to PMO

My Experience as a Student

The most rewarding experience I had as a student was my time spent as an undergraduate researcher for the School of Pharmacy and Purdue University Center for Cancer Research. I also hold a special place for Purdue Musical Organizations in my heart since I was able to grow as a person through music and friendship.

My Experience as an Alum

In addition to supporting the Purdue University Center for Cancer Research, I support the American Cancer Society. The years I spent as an undergrad researcher were, in a way, a tribute to my grandfather, who passed away from prostate cancer. He was able to live six years longer than the doctors told him he would. The thought that my support may be able to give another granddaughter that extra time with her grandpa is worth it.

My Commitment to Purdue

I will always try to give what I can monetarily. I also believe it is important to support Purdue through our words and actions by being a personal success story and active recruiter for the University. And I always root for Purdue during sporting events!