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Student Stories - Who will you help next?

Annie's Story

AnnieFacing reoccurring family medical expenses with no health insurance, Annie realized she had to make a difficult choice about returning to Purdue for the fall semester (2010-2011 academic year).

The special student emergency fund provided Annie with the support she needed to attend fall classes and continue pursuing her public health degree. 

"Knowing that this option was available at the time I needed it gave me a great peace of mind. It took away the stress of worrying where we might get the extra money."

Kim's Story

KimKimberly's husband lost his job after a series of major surgeries, and she believed her dream of earning a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision would have to be shelved indefinitely. 

The financial aid office told Kimberly about the special student emergency fund, and she qualified to receive money from the program. Now Kimberly is scheduled to graduate in December 2011.

"I wouldn't be graduating without this money,"Kimberly said. I was happy and amazed to get it. This fund is an incredible way to help students who really need the help."