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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lift a Boiler Up fund?

  • It is a fund through the Office of Financial Aid that assist students who find themselves in a financial crisis situation and may have to drop out of school.

How do students get helped?

  • These students come to the Office of Financial Aid asking for assistance. They file a special circumstances form to determine if they qualify to be helped through this fund.

What are some examples of a financial/economic crisis situation?

  • Any situation where there has been a dramatic loss of income for the student or his/her family could be considered as a financial crisis. Loss of a job, significant pay cut within the family, and medical expenses are a few examples.

What do the funds cover when they are provided to the student?

  • Funds awarded provide the student with assistance toward any cost of education. This could include tuition, fees and housing, for example.

How will I know my money is helping a student?

  • When you give to the Lift a Boiler Up fund and provide your email address, you will be updated a couple times per year on how your gift was used and the impact it made.