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Class of 1986 Scholarship Endowment

Contributions to the 1986 25th Anniversary Scholarship total $23,760!

Thank you to all who have contributed. $1,240 is still needed in order to hit our goal of $25,000 and endow the scholarship. Your gift is important. Please click to give today!

Celebrate your 25th anniversary year by joining your classmates and making a gift to Purdue. All gifts will be counted toward the total class goal.

Giving Opportunities

Class of 1986 Scholarship Endowment

Scholarships Goal: minimum of $25,000 within 5 years. Individual gifts of any amount will collectively come together to make a difference through this scholarship. Funds raised are invested, funding the scholarship in perpetuity.

This scholarship is merit-based and is designated for high-performing students.

In the event that $25,000 is not raised in five years, the funds raised for the Class of 1986 Scholarship will be distributed as regular, nonrecurring scholarships.

Create Your Own Scholarship Endowment

A minimum of $25,000 is needed to endow a scholarship. You may choose to name the scholarship in honor of a family member, classmate or loved one, or to recognize a special professor who transformed your life.

Total Class Goal

Between those who give to the Class Scholarship, those who create their own scholarship endowment and those who choose to give to an area of their passion, we hope to raise a total of $50,000 for students at Purdue.

Be a part of the Class of 1986 Anniversary Giving and make your gift today!