Bryan Morris

Bryan Morris is a junior in construction management from Greenwood, South Carolina.

Service then: Bryan joined the Marine Corps, noting, “I figured that if I was going to do it, I wanted to be in the best branch.” He served two combat tours in Iraq, and was a fire team leader on his first deployment and an infantry squad leader on his second.

Service now: Bryan is treasurer of the Purdue Veterans Student Organization. “The organization is small right now but this past semester we have tried to appeal to ALL services better than before. With this change we have more guys interested. We are trying to reach out to more veterans.”

Career goal: Construction management calls to Bryan. “I want to be a superintendent, someone who is outside and not inside pushing paper,” he says. “You have to have a strong attention to detail to do that work, and my military background will help with that.”

Why Purdue? “My family’s in construction, and I did a lot of research, spoke to a lot of people, and in every conversation that came up about good construction schools, Purdue was always one of the top ones. I got out in March, came up and visited in April, and this is where I wanted to be.”

Getting his head in the game: When Bryan first went to school in 2003, he admits he “didn’t have a good head on my shoulders.” But the military changed all that. “The strict discipline I learned in the Marine Corps and how they hold themselves to a higher standard — that’s what has really changed the most about me. I hold myself to a higher standard now, and I really work at everything I do because I want to excel and be the best at it.”

Advice to new student veterans: “Make sure you study, have your priorities straight, and what happens after hours should be at the bottom of your list. Set limits, set a schedule for yourself.”

By Blake Powers