In Recognition of Veterans Day November 11, 2009

Purdue has a long tradition of service in defense of our country. This service and sacrifice is recognized by the Purdue Memorial Union (pictured at right and in the background), which stands as a permanent memorial to the 4,013 Purdue students, faculty, and staff who served and the 67 who died for their country in World War I. Since then, the Union has become a place to remember and honor those who have served in all conflicts.

Today, a new generation of veterans is finding a home at Purdue. These individuals have served their country in uniform and many are now finding new ways to serve — on campus and in our community. Meet five Purdue students who demonstrate the tradition of service that Purdue is proud to honor today, and every day.

Purdue remembers those fallen and wounded at Ft. Hood. Our thoughts go out to them, their families, and friends.

(Click on each of the student's images above to view their profiles.)