• YEAR: Senior
  • MAJOR: Film and Video Studies
  • HOMETOWN: Lebanon, Indiana

Katie Lennox

Her earliest career desire was to be an art teacher. When she was 11, the movie "The Fellowship of the Ring" gave her a new interest: filmmaking. By eighth grade and a stint with her middle school video announcement class, she began to see a career goal. And now, as a film and video studies major — recently named the department's "Most Promising Future Professional" for 2012-13 — Katie Lennox is on her way.

Lights, camera, action

Thoughts of a career in film arose during Katie's "Tiger TV" class in eighth grade. She learned to edit with VHS tapes and then, one day, a digital editor on a computer. "I quickly discovered that nonlinear editing was my new favorite hobby," she recalls. Katie continued to edit and direct the video announcements in high school.

She dreaded being on camera but loved to perform on stage. Katie was involved in the high school show choir, a cappella chamber choir and musicals. "I've always loved to sing," she says, "and choir class was always the most relaxing part of the day, with the very best people."

A star is born

Katie's first "film" was a seventh-grade video project about the Qin Dynasty of ancient China. She acted, wrote it and directed it. Her mother ran the camera. "We included a blooper reel at the end, because we apparently thought we were funny," she says.

Among Katie's recent videos is the award-winning "Two Drops," a short about a college student's unexpected ability to attract members of the opposite sex that received notice at the Lake Maxinkuckee "Gift of Warmth" Film Festival in Culver, Ind. It also won Best Picture and the Audience Favorite Award at the Purdue University Film and Video Studies 442 Short Film Festival in 2012.

Giving back

Katie likes to share her talents. She has made promotional videos for nonprofit groups in Indiana and at Purdue, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Lafayette, Play Ball Indiana, the Caring Center of Lebanon and Purdue's Bujinkan Yanagi Shibu martial arts club.

In summer 2012, she had an internship with Zach Rosing Productions, where she wrote, filmed and edited a promotional documentary for Footlite Musicals, a community theater group in Indianapolis.

All in a day's work

This is Katie's second year as a video editor at Purdue's Hall of Music Productions. She is also very active in the Big Ten video class, which works sporting and musical events that stream live on the Big Ten Network.

As for personal taste? She favors director Christopher Nolan ("Dark Knight Trilogy," "Inception," "Memento") because he "isn't afraid to make films that many would consider weird." Describing herself as a little "quirky," she says of Nolan, "I always find these sorts of movies/concepts to be very appealing."

For Katie, whether work or play, quirky or mainstream, it's all a part of becoming a film editor and transforming video, color, sound and characters into stories.