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5 Students Who are Trail Makers

5 Students Who
Anne Iovinelli

Anne Iovinelli

  • Brett Highley
  • Jacqueline Borchert
  • Keith Hansen
  • Anne Iovinelli
  • Nicholas Goldsmith

Name: Anne Iovinelli
Major: Elementary Education
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lisle, Illinois

Anne Iovinelli is passionate about teaching — and reading. A student teacher at Glen Acres Elementary, she combined these interests to spearhead Mortar Board’s community service program Reading is Leading. She rounded up 140 local school kids for a trip to campus to learn about college life while sharing a love of books with Purdue students. A College of Education ambassador, Anne has honed her leadership skills with Boiler Gold Rush, Old Masters and Alpha Gamma Delta.

Opening doors

“A lot of kids had never been to Purdue, even though they live in town. It was cool for them to see what a college campus is like and hear from others about the importance of reading to be successful in life.”

Teachable moments

“The greatest gift you can give is the ability to read and grow. The only thing I could think of doing for the rest of my life is helping kids to be the best version of themselves.”

Watch out, world

“I think it took until my junior year to think of myself as a leader. I’m way more confident now and ready for the real world.”

My community

“I visited so many colleges, but when I came to Purdue, I never thought twice after that. I loved that elementary education was a small program at a Big Ten university.”

Tomorrow is another day

“Kids really do adore their teachers. Even if you have to be stern, they’re right back to liking you the next day.”

By Tammy Weaver-Stoike
Photos by Mark Simons
Published May 2012