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5 Students Who are Trail Makers

5 Students Who
Keith Hansen

Keith Hansen

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  • Keith Hansen
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Name: Keith Hansen
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: West Lafayette, Indiana

As the sole student member of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, Keith Hansen championed an effort to develop a statewide network of student ambassadors to promote the message of college completion and student success. And as he prepares to enter medical school in the fall, Keith dreams of improving human healthcare, advancing medicine and bettering mankind and society.

Commissioned for success

"The commission is the driver for college completion and student success at the state level. It was a phenomenal experience to work on a strategic vision and push student responsibility. I believe that every student has a responsibility to take their college career and completion into their own hands."

Healthy politics

"I noticed at the Indiana State Senate, there are many liberal arts and political science majors, teachers who become legislators and decision makers, and a few economists. But there really aren't many scientists, engineers or physicians who know about the health field making decisions about the health field. I think that's something where we, as a community, need to become active and give back for the interests of ourselves and others."

Open to the future

"I take advantage of opportunities as they come and keep an open mind. Down the road I can see myself going into health policy or finance, or possibly working for a pharmaceutical company. I would love to work with biotechnology start-ups, or maybe work for a Fortune 500 company. And ultimately, I want to continue to give back to the education sphere. I don't know exactly what will fit all of those categories in one career, but I look to continue to evolve throughout life."

By Emily Blue
Photos by Mark Simons
Published May 2012