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5 Students Who are Spirit Makers

5 Students Who
Elizabeth Hudson

Elizabeth Hudson

  • Elizabeth Hudson
  • Jim Mlynarski
  • Juan Crespo
  • Elizabeth Gerrity
  • Paul Branham

Name: Elizabeth Hudson
Major: Professional Writing and American Studies
Minor: History
Year: Junior
Hometown: Westfield, Indiana

A Boilermaker since childhood, Elizabeth has shown many students, prospective students and alumni how to live the gold and black. Her passion, commitment and joy add up to an indomitable Purdue spirit.

By default

“Since I was a child living in Atlanta, my parents would take me to watch Purdue sports. I remember wearing my Boilermaker hair bows as I watched Drew Brees and the football team play to win. I knew I would be a Boilermaker when I visited Purdue and I got chills as they played ‘Hail Purdue.’”

Story Maker

“Professional writing has helped me to expand my dreams and gave me a passion to find the unfindable. I hope to bring forgotten stories back to life in my career and publish my findings.”

Forever memory

“My greatest memory as a resident assistant was watching my floor develop from a simple bulletin board, to a huge Scrabble board I created to help them bond as a living community. We won the Community of the Month award through the National Residence Hall Honorary.”

Always on call

“As a dean’s ambassador for CLA I tell prospective students: ‘Purdue can be anything you want it to be. There is history, pride and passion in what we do that unites us.’ As an Honors student I also discuss the advantages of an honors education with incoming students.”

Boilermaker through and through

“You have a passion and love for everything Purdue does. You go to the games, you find ways to influence others in everything you do, and you are part of the community. You consider Purdue as home so much, that when you are away from campus, you ache to be back.”

Alumna to be

“When I was 8 years old, I went with my dad to a John Purdue Club meeting. He wrote the word alumni under his name tag so I did the same. Dad said, ‘No sweetie, you’re not alumni, yet.’ Ten years later, I am here.”

By Fabiola Rojas
Published March 2012