Spirit Maker

5 Students Who are Spirit Makers

5 Students Who
Elizabeth Gerrity

Elizabeth Gerrity

  • Elizabeth Hudson
  • Jim Mlynarski
  • Juan Crespo
  • Elizabeth Gerrity
  • Paul Branham

Name: Elizabeth Gerrity
Major: Economics
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lockport, Illinois

When she is not busy with classes, Elizabeth rallies fans and supports Boilermaker athletics on the sidelines of Mackey Arena and Ross-Ade Stadium. As a member of the Purdue cheerleading squad, Elizabeth helped Purdue place 13th at a national cheerleading competition — and she does a whole lot more than cheer.

Cheers and more

“Cheerleading for Purdue means a lot of opportunities. I don’t know if most people realize we’re not just standing on the sidelines. Our days don’t start when a basketball game starts and ends. We do a lot of alumni events and volunteer work.”

Perks of the squad

“We get invited to a lot of alumni events and you meet everyone there. We meet a lot of past Purdue presidents. I met Neil Armstrong. He shook my hand and was asking me about the game!”

Dedication in Detroit

“The 2011 bowl game was my favorite game I’ve cheered at so far. I’ve never cheered in an indoor stadium before. It’s more contained and everything is so much louder. It was intense because the people who were there had to travel to Detroit; they weren’t just showing up from walking down the block to Ross-Ade.”

Football rush

“We beat Ohio State my freshman year and I had never experienced rushing a field before. We cheer in front of the student section and all of a sudden our coach was yelling, ‘Move the girls!’ and the boys were grabbing us and moving us away. It was scary, but awesome.”

Keep the bar high

“Being the face of Purdue is fun, but it’s a lot of pressure. We are under a microscope a lot of the time, but we are the better for it. As long as people have high expectations of you, it keeps your standards high for yourself as well.”

By Kelly Rogers
Published March 2012